B-4. Son-Kul - Tash-Rabat - Bash-Kaindy - Issyk-Kul
Itinerary: Bishkek - Burana - Kochkor - Son-Kul - Kekjerty - Tash-Rabat - Tash-Rabat - Bash-Kaindy - waterfall Bash-Kaindy - Bash-Kaindy - Chok-Bulak - Tale - Tamga (Issyk-Kul) - Barskoon - Jeti-Oguz - Karakol (church, mosque, museum Przhevalsky) - Cholpon-Ata (Ruh Ordo, museum, petroglyphs) - Kok Moinok - Bishkek

Duration: 10 days
Best season: May - September
Accommodation: hotel, guest house, yurt, tent
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 3500 m
Total distance: 1900 km
Itinerary map

Day 1
Meeting at the airport.
Accommodation in a hotel. Rest.
Tour around the capital.
Бишкек. Площадь Ала-Тоо.
Day 2
Bishkek - Kochkor
Transfer to Kochkor town. On the way, visit Burana tower.
In Kochkor, visit museum of national arts and crafts made of felt. It will be possible to purchase felt goods (handicrafts).
Visit workshop that produces traditional felt carpets and personally participate in the making.
Accommodation in a guest house.
Башня Бурана.
Day 3
Kochkor - Son-Kul
Transfer to Son-Kul Lake.
Horseback riding.
Accommodation in a yurt.
Сон-Куль. Каменные круги Таш-Тулга.
Day 4
Son-Kul - Tash-Rabat
Exploration of mounds - ancient tombs. Stone circles - "Tash-Tulga."
Teskey-Torpok pass (3182m) also known as 33 Parrots.
Exploration of the waterfall.
Kekzherty tract - Valley of the Dead.
Accommodation in a yurt camp in Tash-Rabat gorge.
Exploration of an ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat.
Караван-сарай Таш-Рабат.
Day 5
Tash-Rabat - Bash Kaindy
Travel into the Bash-Kaiyndy gorge.
A walk through the gorge.
Accommodation in a tent.
Ущелье Баш-Каинды.
Day 6
Ride on horseback to Bash-Kaiyndy waterfall early in the morning. Height of the waterfall is 320 m.
Return to the camp site in the evening.
Водопад Баш-Каинды.
Day 7
Bash-Kaindy - Tamga
Transfer to Tamga.
Visit Chok-Bulak and FairyTale canyons.
Accommodation in a guest house in Tamga.
Каньоны Чоку-Булак.
Day 8
Tamga - Karakol
Transfer to Karakol town.
On the way, visit Barskaun and Jeti-Oguz gorges.
Whilst in Karakol, visit church, mosque, museum of local lore and Przhevalsky museum.
Accommodation in a guest house.
Барскаун. Водопад.
Day 9
Karakol - Cholpon-Ata
Travel to Cholpon-Ata town.
Accommodation in a boarding house or a guest house. Visit Cultural Centre "Ruh Ordo", local history museum and petroglyphs.
Чолпон-Ата. Рух Ордо.
Day 10
Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek
Travel back to Bishkek city.
Along the way, visit Kok-Moinok "Eolian Castles" canyons. Accommodation in a hotel.
Каньоны Кок-Мойнок.
Day 11
Drop off at the airport for departure.

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