B-8. Bash-Kaindy - Kel-Suu
Itinerary: Bishkek - Bash-Kaindy - waterfall Bash-Kaindy - Bash-Kaindy - Kel-Suu (3) - Kochkor - Kok-Moinok - Bishkek

Duration: 8 days
Best season: July - August
Accommodation: hotel, tent, yurt, guest house
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 4150 m
Total distance: 1200 km
For this tour is needed to pass the border zone. Ready in 2 months before the tour.
Itinerary map

Day 1
Arrival to Bishkek.
Accommodation in a hotel or a guest house.
Acclimatisation (the city is located at an altitude of 450-950 m above sea level).
Tour around Bishkek city.
Bishkek. Historical Museum.
Day 2
Bishkek - Bash-Kaindy
Travel to Bash-Kaindy gorge.
A walk through the gorge.
Accommodation in a yurt or a tent.
Gorge Bash-Kaindy.
Day 3
Walk or ride to the Bash-Kaindy waterfall (the height of which is 220 m).
Return to the camp in the evening.
waterfall Bash-Kaindy
Day 4
Bash-Kaindy - Kel-Suu
Kel-Suu is a dammed lake. It was formed during the collapse of the mountain range. Its altitude is 3514 m above sea level, it is 9 km long, 0.5-2 km wide with a surface area of 4.5 square kilometres, the volume of water is 338 million cubic meters.It has a charmingly fantastic landscape. This turquoise bowl of water is surrounded by steep peaks from three different directions, the tops of these peaks are covered with snow. Exploration of the surrounding area.
Overnight stay in a tent.
Day 5
Lake Kel-Suu
Departure by boat to explore the lake with its views - the cliffs are hundreds of metres high, waterfalls, rocky island, coves, caves and grottoes.
Return to the camp.
Lake Kel-Suu.
Day 6
Lake Kel-Suu
Excursion to the cave, which is hidden between the ridges of rocks. Small narrow entrance leads into a spacious great room. It is cold and damp inside. Explore all the corridors. Climb onto the top of the ridge, overlooking the magnificent panorama.
Return to the camp.
Lake Kel-Suu.
Day 7
Lake Kel-Suu - Kochkor
Breakfast and farewell to the lake. Travel to Kochkor town. Visit a workshop for making traditional Kyrgyz carpets - shirdaks and even take part in their manufacture. Visit museum of national handicrafts, here you can buy them at lower prices than in Bishkek.
Accommodation in a guest house.
Making Shirdak.
Day 8
Kochkor - Bishkek
Travel to Bishkek city.
Along the way, explore Eolian Castles - Kok-Moinok canyons.
Accommodation in a hotel or a guest house.
Canyons Eolian Locks - Kok Moinok.
Day 9
Departure to homeland.

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