B-12. Sary-Chelek - Arslanbob - Osh - Jalalabat - Saimaluu-Tash - Tash Rabat - Bash-Kaindy - Son Kul - Issyk Kul
Itinerary: Bishkek - Toktogul - Sary-Chelek - Arslanbob - Osh - Uzgen - Jalalabat - Kazarman - Saimaluu-Tash - Kazarman - Tash-Rabat - Bash-Kaindy - Son-Kul - Kochkor - Tamga - Barskoon - Jeti-Oguz - Karakol - Arashan - Karakol - Karakol gorge - Karakol - Ak-Suu - Chon-Ak-Suu - Cholpon-Ata - Tamchi - Kok-Moinok - Bishkek

Duration: 22 days
Best season: June - September
Accommodation: hotel, tent, yurt, guest house
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 4100 m
Total distance: 2400 km
The Great Silk Road - one of the greatest achievements in the history of world civilization. Widespread network of caravan routes crossed Europe and Asia from the Mediterranean coast to China since ancient times, and served as an important means of business relations and cultural exchanges between East and West. The longest section of the Silk Road lies across the territory of Central Asia. You have a chance to walk in the footsteps of the ancient caravan.

Day 1
Meeting at the airport.
Accommodation at the hotel. Rest.
Tour in Bishkek or Ala-Archa gorge.
Ala-Archa gorge.
Day 2
Bishkek - Toktogul
Moving to Toktogul town.
Valley Suusamyr, Chichkan Gorge, It-Agar, lake), the Toktogul reservoir.
Accommodation in a hotel or guest house.
Toktogul reservoir.
Day 3
Toktogul - Sary-Chelek
Moving to Lake Sary-Chelek. Walk.
Accommodation in a guest house in Arkit.
Sary Chelek.
Day 4
Sary-Chelek - Arslanbob
Moving to Arslanbob. Horse ride to the small and large waterfalls.
Accommodation in the guest house.
Day 5
Arslanbob - Osh
Transfer to Osh. Inspection mountains Suleiman-Too. Mausoleums and mosques. Bazaar.
Accommodation in a hotel or guest house.
Osh. Suleiman mountain.
Day 6
Osh - Jalalabat
Moving to Jalalabat.
In Uzgen inspection minarets and mausoleums.
Jalalabat - healing and sacred springs.
Accommodation in a hotel or guest house.
Day 7
Jalalabat - Kazarman
Moving to Kazarman
Accommodation in the guest house.

Day 8
Kazarman - Saimaluu-Tash
Lifting riding on a plateau Saimaluu-Tash where hoditsya over 100 thousand petroglyphs.
Accommodation in tent.
Day 9
Saimaluu-Tash - Kazarman
Return to Kazarman.
Kara-Koo, Pass
Day 10
Kazarman - Tash-Rabat
Moving through the gorge Tash-Rabat, through Baetovo.
Inspection caravan-sarai Tash-Rabat (X-XIV centuries).
Accommodation in the yurt.
Day 11
Walk on horseback to Tash-Rabat pass (4100 m), which overlooks the lake Chatyr-Kul.
Chatнr-Kul Lake.
Day 12
Tash-Rabat - Bash-Kaiyndy
Moving into the gorge Bash-Kaiyndy.
Walk and Recreation
Accommodation in yurt or tent.
gorge Bash-Kaiyndy
Day 13
Walking or riding to the waterfall Bash-Kaiyndy. Height: 320 m
In the evening return to the camp.
waterfall Bash-Kaiyndy
Day 14
Bash-Kaiyndy - Son-Kul
Transfer to Son-Kul Lake.
Gorge Kekjerty - petroglyphs and burial mounds. Inspection waterfall Son-Kul.
Pass Teskey-Torpok (3182 m) (33 parrot). Panorama of the mountains. Stone circles Tash-Tulga. Mounds.
Accommodation in the yurt.
waterfall Son-Kul
Day 15
Son-Kul - Kochkor
Moving to Kochkor. Salt cave - Chon-Tuz - Speleological sanatorium.
Workshop for making traditional felt rugs. Private participation. Purchase of souvenirs.
Accommodation in the guest house.
Day 16
Kochkor - Tamga
Transfer to Tamga.
Canyons Choku-Bulak, Tale.
Swimming in the lake Issyk-Kul.
Accommodation in the guest house.
Day 17
Tamga - Karakol
Transfer to Karakol.
Check in and gorge Barskoon, Jeti-Oguz. Inspection waterfalls.
Accommodation in the guest house.
Day 18
Hike in the gorge Arashan.
Bathing in thermal springs.
Return to Karakol.
gorge Arashan
Day 19
Tour in Karakol gorge
After lunch, visit the Local History Museum, the Orthodox Church,
mosque, museum Przevalsky.
museum Przevalsky.
Day 20
Karakol - Chon-Ak-Suu
Transfer to Chon-Ak-Suu through Ak-Suu. Mountain lake.
Placing a recreation center.
Day 21
Chon-Ak-Suu - Tamchi
Moving to Tamchi.
Cholpon-Ata - visiting the cultural center Ruh-Ordo, Regional Museum, petroglyphs.
Ornok - petroglyphs.
Accommodation in the guest house.
cultural center Ruh-Ordo
Day 22
Tamchi - Bishkek
Along the way inspection canyons Kok-Moinok.
Burana Tower (XII-XIV centuries.)
Accommodation at the hotel.

canyons Kok-Moinok
Day 23
Coming back home.

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