GSR-5 Torugart - Osh
Itinerary:  Torugart - Tash-Rabat - Naryn - Son-Kul - Karakol - Jety-Oguz - Karakol - Ak-Suu - Cholpon-Ata - Burana - Bishkek - Ala-Archa - Bishkek - Toktogul - Sary-Chelek - Osh - Uzgen - Osh.
Duration: 13 days
Best season: May-September
Accommodation: hotels, tents, yurts
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 3752 m
Total distance: 2200 km
The Great Silk Route is one of the most significant achievements in history of world civilization. The widespread network of caravan ways crossed Europe and Asia from the Mediterranean coast to China, and since ancient times and Middle ages has served as important means of business relations and cultural exchanges between East and West. The longest part of the Silk way goes across the territory of Central Asia. Here is a chance to walk on the tracks of ancient caravans.

Day 1
Torugart - Tash-Rabat - Naryn.
Meet the group at the Torugart frontier post. (3752 m.) Transfer to the caravan-sarai Tash-Rabat (3000 m.) Observation of the ancient monument. Transfer to Naryn town. Accommodating in a guest house).
Day 2
Naryn - Son-Kul.
Transfer to the lake Son-Kul (3016 m). Stay overnight in a yurta or tents.
Son Kul
Day 3
Son-Kul - Karakol.
Travel to Karakol, along the southern coast of lake Issyk-Kul. Stay overnight in a guest house.
Day 4
Karakol - Jety-Oguz - Karakol.
Sightseeing tour of Karakol (Muslim Mosque, built in the style of a Buddist Pagoda, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Memorial Complex of the explorer of Central Asia - Nikolai Przhevalsky and an Oriental bazaar).
Take an excursion to the "Seven Bulls", the Red Rocks in the Jety-Oguz gorge. Stay overnight in Karakol.

Karakol,  Russian Orthodox Church
Day 5
Karakol - Ak-Suu - Cholpon-Ata.
Transfer to Cholpon-Ata. Take an easy walk to lake Suttu-Bulak (2200 m.) in the Ak-Suu (Semenevskoye) gorge en route. Stay in a hotel or a resort on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Recreation, swimming.
Day 6
Cholpon-Ata - Burana - Bishkek.
Transfer to Bishkek. Visiting the museum with petroglifs ( II millennium B.C.) in Cholpon-Ata and the Burana tower XI c. (ruins of the ancient town Balasagun, the capital of the Karakhanid Khanate). Accommodating in a hotel or a guest house.
Cholpon-Ata (petroglyphs of the II millennium B.C.)
Day 7
Bishkek - Ala-Archa - Bishkek.
Sightseeing tour of Bishkek and visit the History Museum and an Oriental bazaar.
Excursion to the Kyrgyz National Nature Park in the Ala-Archa gorge (2100 m) with an easy walk to the Ak-Sai waterfall. Stay overnight in Bishkek.
Day 8
Bishkek - Toktogul.
Transfer from Bishkek to Toktogul, over the Tyuz-Ashuu, (3586 m) and the Ala-Bel, (3184 m) passes. Accommodating in a hotel or a guest house.
Day 9
Toktogul - Sary-Chelek.
Transfer from Toktogul to the Sary-Chelek biosphere Nature Reserve, (1873 m). Stay overnight in a guest house.
Day 10
Rest at Sary-Chelek lake.
Day 11
Sary-Chelek - Osh.
Transfer from Sary-Chelek to Osh stay overnight in a hotel or a guest house.
Day 12
Osh - Uzgen - Osh.
Sightseeing tour of Osh city, Suleiman mountain and the History Museum
Visit the Minaret Uzgen in Uzgen city and the Tower (XI c).  Coming back to Osh.
Day 13
Depart to Uzbekistan along the Great Silk way.

Level of difficulty.
This tour for the people with the average level of preparation. There are no special difficulties in this rout.
You must take warm clothes , hiking boots, raincoat, sunprotective cream, a hat from the sun, sleeping suck.


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Sary-Chelek lake