T-2. Fauna of Tien- Shan Mountains
Bishkek - Berullu - Ak-Suu - Tuyuk - West Karakol - Sokuluk - Ala-Archa - Bishkek
Duration: 9 days
Best season: June-August
Accommodation: hotels, tents, yurts
Tour grade: moderate

The tour goes along the Kyrgyz range in the mountains of the north Tien-Shan. You will go up from 800 m above the sea level to 2600 m and will go through the different climate zones-from steppes as far as high mountain forests and glaciers.
You can see various fauna of Kyrgyzstan beginning with little rodents and birds and finishing with big inhabitants of the mountains-carrion vulture/buzzards, carrion eagles and big goats. The symbol of Kyrgyzstan snow leopard lives on such altitude there. I f you are lucky you can see such a gorges, proud animal. Early in the morning as soon as the horizon will be lighted with the first rays of sun, you can be the witness of the eternal scene of the fact when wild goats and wild boar and wild sow go down for drinking water. The photos taken by you during the tour, let you keep all these unforgettable impressions for the whole of your life.

Day 1
Arrival at Bishkek.
Accommodating in the hotel.
Excursion around the city.

Day 2
Move to the beginning of the track-as far as the village of Berulu. Horseriding.
Accommodating in the hunterís house (1400 m).
Lake Berulu
Day 3
Walking cross as far as the river Ak-Suu (6-7 hours).
Stay in the tents for the night on the river bank( 2000 m).
Day 4
Crossing the river Ak-Suu (about 7 hours).
Sleep in the tents (2300 m).
Day 5
Going upi the river Tuyuk (5 hours).
Sleep in the tents (2700 m).

Day 6
Crossing as far as the river West Karakol (6 hours).
Sleep in the tents (2300 m).
West Karakol
Day 7
Going up the river Sokuluk, where you can approach close to the glacier. Sleep in the tents (2600 m).

Day 8
Going to Ala-Archa gorge and the camp. Coming back to Bishkek (40 m).
Accommodating in the hotel.

Day 9
Return home.

Level of difficulty. This tour is for the people with a high level of preparation, because you will have long passes for 5-7 hours.
Reference.You should take warm clothes, hiking boots, a raincoat, sunprotective cream, a hat and sleeping suck.
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