T-12. Under the sky of Khan-Tengri
Itinerary: Bishkek - Karakol - Karkara - San-Tash - Echkili-Tash - Chon-Tash - Merzbacher Lake - Glacier Inylchek - Maida Adyr - Chon-Ashu - Karakol - Issyk Kul - Bishkek
Duration: 18 days
Best season: June-August
Accommodation: hotels, tents, guest house
Tour grade: vigorous

The place of the tour: the south-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan.
Central Tien-Shen is the kingdom of snow and glaciers. The highest mountains of Central Asia-picks Pobeda (7439 m) and Khan-Tengri (7010 m) are situated here. The beauty and graciousness of it causes ephoria’s shock of the most famous mountaineering climbers of the world.
And such places of interest as Glacior Inylchek and lake Merzbacher
Are the world wide creations.

Day 1
Arrival at Bishkek. Move to Karakol (400 km). Accommodating in the private houses.
Day 2
Transfer at 150 km from Karakol along the valley of the river Karkar, by the famous kurgan (hill) San-Tash through the pass Kyzyl-Moinok (2600 m), visiting of ther cave Ak-Chunkur to the valley of the goldencarier river Sary-Jaz.
Stay for the night in the tents in Echkili-Tash (2400 m).

Day 3-5
Walking cross from across the pass Tyuz (4090 m) to the place called Chon-Tash (big rock) by people
The length of the cross is 40 km. You can see different animals inhabiting this region on the way, such mountain goats, archars, golden eagles, marmots. Sleep in the tents.

Day 6
Walking about 20 km from Chon-Tash to the intermediate camp “The green glade”. Which is situated at an altitude of 3400 m. Stay for the night in the tents.

Day 7
Radial walk to the lake Mertzbaher, disappearing during the snow melting . The lake is situated at an altitude of 3500 , at the joint of the glaciers Northern Inylchek and Southern Inylchek. The upper lake is free from ice.
And the lower lake is totally covered with the ice. The tent camp is set up.

Day 8-10
Walking tour along the Southern glacier Inylchek which is considered the second by size ( about 62 km long) to the glacier Wild.
The severest and the most difficult 7000 m pick of the world Pobeda can be seen from here at a distance of 20 km over the glacier Starlet.
And at the opposite side , looking as if it flies in the sky, the marble piramide, one of the most beautiful pick in the world Han Tengri. The tent camp is set up here.

Day 11
Radical trip to Abai’s Song pick. Night in tents.

Coming back to the base “Maida-Adyr” via intermediate camp “ Green medow”. “Maida Adyr” is situated at an altitude of 2540 m at the foot of the river Inylcheck. Night in the tents.

Day 17
Coming back to the town of Karakol through the pass Chon-Ashuu (3822 m),with a beautiful view at the tops Of Cenral Tian-Shen. Accommodating in private houses.

Day 18
Coming back to Bishkek along the Southern beach of lake Issyk-Kul (400 km). Accommodating in the hotel.

Day 19
Coming back home.

Level of difficulty. This tour is oriented on the people with a good level of training, because long tours for 5-7 hours a day are planned and you have to have an experience of climbing the glaciers.
Conditions.You must have warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes, jacket for the rain, sun protective cream, a hat for the sun and sleeping bed.
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